Commercial Umbrella Vs. Excess Liability Insurance

You may be confused regarding commercial umbrella versus excess liability insurance because, very frequently, people interchange the terms. But the same exact policy is not equally referred to by both. Between excess liability insurance and commercial umbrella insurance, there is a difference.

  • Commercial umbrella insurance – For a number of your liability insurance policies, this kind of insurance can provide additional coverage. When the limit is reached by one of your underlying policies, this policy kicks in.
  • Excess liability insurance – For one of your liability insurance policies, additional coverage is provided by this type of insurance. Frequently, this applies to general liability insurance. When that policy reaches its limits, this policy activates.

How Do Excess Liability Coverage and Commercial Umbrella Coverage Work?

Let’s look at how these policies could work for you.

Compared to your underlying policy, the same exclusions, conditions, and coverage terms will be held by both excess liability insurance and commercial umbrella insurance. When an underlying policy’s aggregate limits or pre-occurrence limits are exhausted, these two insurance policies provide courage.

For the following policies, commercial umbrella insurance can be of assistance when the limits are reached:

  • Non-owned and hired auto insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • General liability insurance

Catastrophic losses are better protected against with these policies in place, where small businesses are concerned. When liability policies are maxed, by adding more coverage, excess liability and umbrella insurance can reduce the risk of bankrupting your business courtesy of escalating lawsuits.

Do You Need Excess Liability Insurance or Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

To fulfill certain coverage amounts pertaining to client requirements, many small businesses purchase these types of insurance policies. Commonly, underlying coverage of approximately $2 million may be purchased. To meet higher limit requirements, an excess insurance policy or umbrella policy can be added.

This coverage can benefit the following types of small businesses:

  • Those who need greater liability protection.
  • Businesses that, in order to work with specific clients, need to carry high liability limits.
  • Similar to and including business locations with substantial foot traffic, businesses that face high liability risks.

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