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Did you know that you may be covered for more?

Everything starts with the contract. Policy review is key in commercial losses because they are all different.

Review on The Policies


Did you know most buildings have more damage than originally noticed?

Stone Claims Group takes the time to inspect the visible and not so visible damages. We bring in the right experts as needed to prove your damages.

Windows Inspection


Did you know your claim could be lost by simply not having all the documentation?

Claims are won based on the documentation and how the facts are relayed to the insurance company. Stone Claims documents damage, attributes causation, estimates the cost of replacement, and tracks all communication with the carrier.

Document your Claim



Successful negotiation requires leverage gained by knowing and using all policy coverages, finding and proving all damages, and tracking the carrier actions and missteps.

Time For Negotiation



There has never been a time where our involvement has not massively increased settlement and saved hundreds of hours of work for our clients.

Maximize your Claim Value Base Photo



As with any construction projects, additional costs are typically discovered. Whether it is supplementing your claim, recovering depreciation, or extending business loss payments, we are your partner for the entire project. Don’t leave a single dollar left unrecovered.

With You Until End

What Our Clients Are Saying

Unmatched Expertise at Stone Claims Group

Carolyn Jordan

“I just want to thank you for all you did for owners at Top of the Gulf. As you must have known I was one of the biggest skeptics. Thank you for changing my mind. I admire the way you never let up and continued to come by and tell us why we needed your company. Thank you again for persistence, we would have been in poor shape if everyone was like me.”

C. Jordan Board Member

Florida Panhandle


“Dealing with Stone Claims Group was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a board member. Not only did they deliver monetarily in a huge volume for our association, but they also brought an unmatched expertise and professionalism.”

R. Holland, BOD President

Jacksonville, FL


“ Tara’s ability to listen and let her team prioritize our claim based on our needs was truly a breath of fresh air. Hire SCG, you will not regret it.”

J. Mullins, Building Executive

South Carolina

Sharron Angelle

“Stone Claims Group always kept us updated and maintained strong communication throughout our claim. They made a complex process look very easy. I can’t imagine going through an insurance claim with anyone else other than SCG.”

S. Angelle, Community Manager

Recent Successes at Stone Claims Group

Real Clients. Real Results.

1200 Lee Road

1200 Lee Road

Carrier initially missed damages that included roof, windows and exterior damages

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A1 Mini Storage

A1 Mini Storage

The initial offer included roof repair. The settlement included full roof replacement.

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Aqua Vista

Aqua Vista

Association did not file a claim after the hurricane because they did not realize they had damage. SCG inspected and found damages. The settlement includes a roof, paint, and stucco

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Carrier wanted to spot repair roofs, then first replacement offers 1.1m final settlement.

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Commonly Asked Questions for Our Public Adjusters

What Should I Expect With the Stone Claims Group Representation Process?

Expect: professionalism, personal attention, expertise, and the best possible outcome.

No two claims follow the same path. Part of the expertise of Stone Claims is knowing how to control and direct the claim to the best conclusion. Claims can include building damage, personal property damage, and business interruption. Regular conferences are held with you in person, by zoom, or by telephone. All claims are thoroughly documented, archived, and reviewed with you before submitting to the insurance company. A typical claim scenario flow:

  • Initial contact.
  • Contract.
  • Investigation.
  • Documentation of your loss.
  • Meeting with your Carrier Adjuster, Carrier experts.
  • Negotiations with additional experts if and as needed.
  • Client review of all claim documentation and values submission.
  • Submission to Carrier for settlement for repair costs as agreed.
  • Negotiating the best settlement.

Decisions involving thousands and sometimes millions of dollars must be made and often made quickly with little margin for error. You must decide early on whether this process is to be undertaken by the policyholder/board of directors, risk manager, or whether the expertise of a Public Adjuster should be brought in. Time and again, it has been demonstrated that when dealing in an unfamiliar area, the result can be a loss of invaluable time and money.

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How is Stone Claims Group Different?

We are much more rare than different. Stone Claims Group is part of an elite set of professional public adjusting firms specializing in large losses and commercial claims.

We are field-tested. We have the staff, experience, and expertise to handle your claim to the best possible outcome. We are the ‘Guardians of your Interests.’

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How Do I Select the Best Public Adjuster?

Experience, expertise, professionalism, integrity, and licensing.

Select a Public Adjuster specializing in the type of peril, type of policy, and type of building damaged. Always ask the Public Adjuster to see a list of references. Any public insurance claim adjuster you choose to work with should have years of experience handling a similar type and size of claim, and should have their own team of dedicated staff – including adjusters, building estimators, experts, contents appraisers, certified public accountants, and attorneys. Large claims require a more prepared Public Adjusting firm, like Stone Claims Group.

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When Should I Call a Public Adjuster?

You should call us at  1-800-892-1116 immediately after a loss. It is most beneficial for all parties when Stone Claims Group is involved at the beginning of the claim development to set the tone for the entire claim & settlement process.

Typically a carrier property insurance adjuster will investigate and evaluate your claim quickly after the claim is established, it’s usually with the intention of settling quickly, saving claim dollars, and moving on to the next insured. It is important to let the insurance company know the estimated amount of the loss at the beginning of the claim to properly set the reserve funds. Once an insurance company adjuster sets his or her reserve amount it is much harder to get them to change their minds and add to the amount.

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjusting Firm?

A few of the benefits of hiring a Public Adjusting firm include helping a policyholder understand and interpret their policy, resolve the claim faster, ensure fair value for the claim, and protect the policyholder’s rights.

A few of the benefits of hiring a Public Adjusting firm include helping a policyholder understand and interpret their policy, resolve the claim faster, ensure fair value for the claim, and protect the policyholder’s rights. It is not the job, duty, or responsibility of your insurance company to discover the full extent of your loss. That responsibility is the policyholders’. A good public adjuster is essential to determine the fair repair amount of the loss.

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