Ways To Protect Your Business From A Lightning Strike

Ways To Protect Your Business From A Lightning Strike

If you are the owner of a commercial building, it is your responsibility to protect the business from lightning, wind damage, tornadoes, sleet, hail, etc. whenever possible. Lightning strikes, in particular, can be the undoing of any commercial building and the business contained within. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to prepare yourself, your business, and protect the building.

Lightning Rods To Disperse Direct and Indirect Strikes

One effective method of protecting commercial buildings from lightning strikes is through the installation of lightning rods. To provide protection, grounding conductors and lightning rods diverged the current created by a lightning strike. The structure of nonconducting parts plays a major role in this method of protection. The current passes harmlessly through cables and rods as it follows the path of least resistance.

Voltage Arresters Help Stop Excess Voltage Traveling from Utility Lines or Other Buildings

Voltage arresters – also referred to as surge or lightning arresters – are akin to surge protectors. You should be using these to protect your electric sockets or your equipment. In many situations, this kind of protection may guard equipment in your buildings from hazardous voltage surges – either from problems in utility lines or incidental lightning strikes. This, along with a current breaker holder or surge protectors, can go a long way toward preserving your equipment. This is particularly essential for refrigerators/freezers, HVAC systems, data and web servers, and other electronics that can’t always be unplugged during storms.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Keeps Your Irreplaceable Devices Safer

Suppose you have a data server, an essential IT system, or additional equipment that might seem exceptionally costly, difficult, or impossible to substitute. It is advisable to separate this type of equipment from the land socket with a UPS accessory. A UPS provides a battery backup in the case of any power blackout. This gives you time to get secure, data-conversing closure for essential files. It also can offer shielding from any power surge.

Sometimes You Can’t Stop Mother Nature

No matter how diligently you try to protect your commercial building against lightning strikes, storms, wind, hail, etc., sometimes Mother Nature simply wins out. If she can cause damage, she will. That’s why every business should carry ample insurance. The more the better.

When damage occurs – not if – notify your insurance company so you can start a claim. Here’s the interesting thing about what’s going to happen next: The insurance company is going to send out an adjuster to assess the damage. A savvy commercial building owner, however, will know, for their best interest, a separate public adjuster should be hired. That’s where Stone Claims comes in. Insurance adjusters work for insurance companies. We work for you. We fight for fairness.

Turn to Stone Claims For Insurance Claims Adjustment

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