An Introduction To Strip Mall Fires

An Introduction To Strip Mall Fires

Strip mall fires can be devastating. When they occur, they often result in millions in damages for building owners, as multiple businesses will be damaged in a single instance. What makes strip malls attractive to customers is that they position several businesses close to each other for convenience, and this is what is potentially so damaging in the case of a strip mall fire. Here, we provide a brief introduction to strip mall fires, including their causes and prevention tips.

Causes of Strip Mall Fires

  • Electrical fires: This is one of the most common causes of fires across the board. Causes of electrical fires can stem from defective equipment, a lack of maintenance, faulty wiring and more.
  • Kitchen fires: These locations often contain food and beverage outlets, and kitchens are potential danger zones when it comes to structural fires. If you own a restaurant or a strip mall with several restaurants, consider engaging a provider that can help you with restaurant claims.
  • Arson: Strip mall fires are sometimes caused on purpose, whether by vandals, or somebody involved in one of the businesses in the mall.
  • Nearby fires and the elements: Strip malls are often positioned in bustling areas, set among a variety of other buildings. If a fire starts in one building, it can be easily spread over.

Preventing Strip Mall Fires

If you are a business or property owner, here are some steps that you can take to prevent strip mall fires.

  • Consider your security options especially if you believe that you are at risk for arson. Otherwise, better security is always a boon when it comes to protecting your property at large.
  • Ensure that your building is up to date and code. Many causes of strip mall fires boil down to wear-and-tear. Be vigilant about checking up on your building’s appliances and wiring to ensure that they are in good condition and current.
  • Work with your tenants to ensure that they are educated on the typical causes of strip mall fires, and that they know how and when to report any potential dangers.

Fire Insurance Claims

Strip mall fires can happen quickly and without warning. Once they begin, they can spread down across lines of businesses, eating up rows of storefronts. When this happens, a successfully filed fire claim is pivotal in helping business and property owners rebuild their livelihoods. Filing an insurance claim might sound easy, but it can be a complex and exhausting process, especially in the case of strip malls which engage with multiple other businesses and policy holders.

Understanding how to file a fire claim and what it covers can help get you started on doing so, but the next best course of action would be to contact a reputable expert to guide you through the process and navigate the legal headache. If you need to understand commercial fire damage claims, or if a claim you filed has been denied, contact us at Stone Claims Group today for a free consultation. We are here to fight your fight and help you claim what is rightfully yours.


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