Can Apartment Buildings Be Storm-Proof?

Can Apartment Buildings Be Storm-Proof?

Do you live in an area that’s prone to storms? If so, you may be wondering if storm-proof apartment buildings are a possibility. While single-family homeowners have grants and funding available for them to elevate their properties and safeguard against natural catastrophes, the same cannot be said for owners of multifamily apartment buildings.

The Barriers Against Storm-Proof Apartment Building

With single-family properties, it’s relatively easy to elevate the house above ground level to prevent flooding from entering the home. However, the same cannot be said for an entire apartment building with multiple floors.

Multifamily rental apartments can make up a large part of storm-affected areas, and it is crucial for property managers to have a game plan for when a natural catastrophe strikes.

Come Up with an Evacuation Plan

During an emergency, response times should be minimized as much as possible as just a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death. The need for evacuation can depend on the strength of the winds as well as how high your apartment building is. As a general rule, residents on the 10th floor and higher should evacuate. Residents on lower floors may not be in as much danger, but the need for precaution remains.

As a property owner or manager, you should have a few copies of the property’s layout printed out, clearly indicating where the fire exits, alarm pulls, elevators, electrical mains, and other essential features are located. These printouts should be situated in common areas where residents can easily access them, shaving valuable seconds off response times when a natural catastrophe does occur.

Keep a List of Emergency Contacts Available

Another thing to do would be to ensure a list of emergency contacts is always available. On this list should be the names and contact numbers of local government officers, emergency services, repair vendors, and your local utility company.

In the event of an emergency, designate someone on your team as the go-to person and put down their information on this list for residents to contact. This person should have been trained on what to do when a storm hits as well as how to address concerns.

Educate Residents on What to Do

When a storm is imminent, each resident can take steps to protect the property as much as possible. This includes boarding up windows, securing loose items such as trash cans and deck chairs, bringing outdoor furniture inside, turning off the electrical systems, stopping the elevators, and more. Make sure that each resident is aware of what to do when the need arises!

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