How Apartment Managers Can Help Reduce Hailstorm Risks

How Apartment Managers Can Help Reduce Hailstorm Risks

Given that Florida is known for its heat and humidity, many are often surprised to find that the state has its own hail season. March to July is the season for hail in Florida, with the peak of the season occurring in May. Cold air from the north clashes with the warm breath from the Gulf of Mexico, sharing the stage for operatic thunderstorms that develop into hail. It is the south-central portion of the United States that receives the highest amount of hailstorm damage each year. Knowing the patterns of hailstorm can help mitigate hailstorm risks, which is important particularly if you are an apartment manager.

How to Prepare Apartment Buildings for Hailstorms

While you cannot prevent a hailstorm, there is much that you can do in preparation to mitigate the damage that can occur before and after an event. Much of these preparations have to do with roofs, which can be prepped to be more hail-resistant.

  • Keep roofs clean. Regular roof maintenance puts you ahead of the game. Regularly clear your roof of debris, dirt and other items to promote better drainage and resist water ponding.
  • Impact-related skylights. Ordinary skylights are not best equipped to handle intense hailstorms. Opt instead for skylights with hail ratings that show that they can better withstand hail.
  • Protect your HVAC equipment. A bulk of HVAC equipment is located on rooftops, so it is recommended that you ensure that this equipment will be able to withstand hail impact. We also recommend installing hail shields, guards and wire mesh protection.
  • Get the right solar panels. Solar panels are in the direct range of hail, so it is best to ensure that the solar panels placed on your roofs are able to withstand them.
  • Post-storm inspections. Following a hailstorm, it is recommended that you conduct a comprehensive roof inspection. Assess for and repair damages immediately to prevent them developing into more significant costlier issues.

Minimizing Hailstorm Risks and Liabilities

It is ideal for apartment owners to communicate clearly with their tenants regarding hailstorms. This includes making sure that your tenants are aware of what should be done before, during and after severe storms. Hailstorms can incur property damages, and keeping your tenants safe helps you reduce liability. Conduct drills with your tenants and prepare a checklist with handy information and guiding instructions; take the time to ensure that your tenants are familiar with it prior to each storm season. It would also be helpful to keep copies of these documents where your tenants can easily see them.

Some items on the checklist can include:

  • Preparing a weather safety kit that includes items such as flashlights, medical supplies, batteries, nonperishable food and hydration.
  • A list of emergency contacts and phone numbers
  • Emergency exits and storm protocols.
  • Staying away from windows and keeping shutters closed.

Dealing with Hail Damages Claims

As with any natural disaster, hailstorms can strike quickly. If you are facing the aftermath of a hailstorm, you may be wondering about dealing with hail damages claims. If you are having trouble with a claim or have been denied one, contact us today. We are here to help you claim what is rightfully yours.


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