How Our Public Adjusters Are Assisting Business Owners in the Aftermath of the Nashville Bombing

How Our Public Adjuster Are Assisting Business Owners in the Aftermath of the Nashville Bombing
How Our Public Adjuster Are Assisting Business Owners in the Aftermath of the Nashville Bombing


You may already be familiar with the events that occurred in Nashville on Christmas Day of last year. In the early hours of Dec. 25, 2020, an RV packed with explosives detonated on the historic Second Avenue in Downtown Nashville.

The explosion caused extensive damage to both businesses and residential units of the city’s entertainment district. Now, nearly a month after the incident, the affected commercial property owners are starting to look ahead to how to repair or replace aspects of their heavily damaged buildings.

The public adjusters from Stone Claims Group have boots on the ground in the aftermath of the explosion to help these business owners organize their insurance claims and provide support.

A worker is cleaning debris from a destroyed building.Stone Claims Group is working with local teams to assess the damage done after the explosions in Nashville. Image Credit: Stone Claims Group

Understanding the extensive damages that occurred

The explosion in downtown Nashville was so large that an entire section of street has been shut down, as investigators assess the damages and look for any additional evidence related to the bombing. The Associated Press reported that as of Dec. 31, 2021, city officials were continuing their assessment of the structural damage of the 41 affected buildings.

While there is no estimated expense of the damages at this time, they will likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions). Images of the area affected in Downtown Nashville show shattered glass from windows, building debris scattered in the street and charred storefronts as a result of a fire caused by the explosion.

The current priority remains to safely let business owners and residents back into their properties and begin filing their individual claims with their insurance companies. Slowly but surely, that’s happening.

Is damage covered by commercial property insurance?

As business owners and residents begin to enter their property and assess the damages for themselves, insurance is top of mind. News Channel 5 Nashville reported many commercial property owners are worried about if their insurance provider will cover the damages.

This is in large part due to the ongoing investigation into the motives of the bombing. The news channel explained that if the event is labeled as terrorism — defined by the FBI as an incident used to further an ideology — the damages may not be covered by an insurance plan.

Channel 5 interviewed Barrett Hobbs, an owner of three businesses affected by the bombing, who explained that not many people in the area have terrorism coverage and many property owners are worried their insurance companies won’t settle for the amount they need.

That being said, business owners can still begin to organize their claim and should take the time to understand the compensation that may be available for them. For instance, some commercial property owners could still file for loss of business funds because the entire street has been closed down since the incident.

An interior shot of a damaged building, showing many beams fallen and windows blown in.Many buildings in and around downtown Nashville were damaged from the December 25, 2020 explosion. Image Credit: Stone Claims Group

How Stone Claims Group is helping

Even with so much about the investigation still up in the air, the public adjusters at Stone Claims Group are already on the scene in Nashville to help these affected business owners rebuild their livelihood.

Specializing in commercial insurance claims, our experienced public adjusters know what it takes to assess policies and damages, and file an organized claim. During a stressful situation that has caused such extreme damage, Stone Claims Group public adjusters are helping business owners understand the cost of their losses and the compensation they are entitled to from their commercial building insurance policy.

They are also equipped with the unique technologies needed to documenting the damages before clean up begins. Matterport 3D imaging is utilized to capture the full measurement and 3D drawings of the damaged property and its undamaged surroundings. Having our experts on the scene prior to the debris being moved to accurately document the damages is essential for understanding the full extent of the losses to be included in a claim. Business owners in Nashville are turning to Stone Claims Group public adjusters for quick on-site data collection to speed up their path to recovery.

We will continue to provide updates as this situation evolves.

Contact us today to learn more about our public adjusters and how they can assist you during a commercial property loss.

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