How To Deal With A Building Explosion

Although explosions may not occur regularly, they are still something to be cautious about. There are many types of explosions, such as gas, machinery, and manhole explosions, that can occur with no prior warning and leave behind catastrophic damages to both people and businesses. Moreover, explosives can be easily carried and concealed by people and cars and can be detonated from remote locations. Thus, it is crucial that you know how to protect yourself when dealing with a building explosion.

Before an Explosion

It is important to plan ahead to stay protected in the event of a building explosion. Keeping an emergency supply kit readily available with supplies such as water, food, and battery-operated tools can help in the event of a building explosion. It is also recommended to ensure that your employers have up-to-date records of your medical needs, as well as easy access to any of your emergency contacts. During a building explosion, it is inevitable that everything around you will be in chaos. It is thus essential to be aware of the nearest exits in your workplace, as well as to have a pre-planned escape route in the event of an unforeseen building explosion.

During an Explosion

When you are met with a building explosion, it is of utmost importance to stay calm. Alert anyone in your immediate vicinity of the explosion and proceed to evacuate the area. If you are unable to evacuate, ensure that you seek cover under heavy furniture that can protect you from any debris. In the event of secondary explosions, stay away from windows, mirrors, bookcases, or any item of furniture that can fall or break on you.  If you see any smoke or fire, make sure to place a wet cloth along the bottom of any closed doors around you to keep the smoke out of the room. Ensure that you remain inside the building until it is safe to exit. However, do not use the elevators as they are often programmed to stop when there is an emergency.

Recovering from an Explosion

In the aftermath of the explosion, it is crucial to consider the impact of the building explosion. Make sure that the building that you are in is structurally sound, and if possible, have it checked for any hazardous chemicals it might have come into contact with during the explosion. Insurance companies in your area might be swarmed with claims, so ensure that you have all relevant documents with you before you make a claim. Any personal or business property should be accounted for and claimed as a total loss. To help with this seemingly mammoth task, make sure that you hire experienced insurance or public adjusters to make the process a whole lot easier. Good adjustors would be able to properly assess the value of the damages to the building and make sure that any business interruption claims are presented well. Additionally, when embarking on your cleanup process, make sure to hire experienced emergency cleanup crews to help get your life back on track again.


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