How To Deal With Commercial Roof Damage

How To Deal With Commercial Roof Damage

Commercial roofing maintenance is a must for any property owner or facilities supervisor. During its lifespan, your commercial roof will usually develop issues that can wear it down. Here are a number of ways which you can deal with commercial roof damage.

Choose an Experienced Roofing Contractor

When handling any commercial roof damage, it’s important to consult a trained roofing expert. Select someone with training in the industry. Make sure they can deliver optimal repairs for all sustained roof damage.

Take Photos of the Damage

Capture images of your roof damage. Such images may eventually prove useful once you file an insurance claim. Contractors may also be interested in them for their estimate. Capturing images of the destruction will provide proof of the damage and hopefully prevent an insurance company from saying the damage was pre-existing or caused by something else.

Inform Building Occupants

An important tip for handling commercial roof damages is to notify your building occupants. This way, they’re not caught unaware. They’ll know there’s a problem and will likely anticipate future repairs. Keeping occupants and tenants notified of all that occurs is often important when you own a commercial property. Upon repair scheduling, be sure to inform all your building occupants.

File an Insurance Claim

Let your insurance firm know at once about the physical damage that was inflicted. Call your representative to inform them of what occurred and find out what you have to do to contract repairs for your commercial roof.

Upon filing a claim, you would be well served by getting in touch with Stone Claims for the services of a commercial insurance adjuster.

Do Not Procrastinate!

Emergency roof repairs should not be postponed. Once major damage has been inflicted, and the damages are documented with images and an insurance claim, have your contractor get to work at once.

Choose the Best Repair Plan

Your roofing contractor may assist with determining the ideal repair plans for your roof damage. You may not need to get a total roof replacement, in some instances. Individual shingles or just sections of the roof can sometimes be fixed/replaced. Working with a seasoned contractor helps assure you’re more likely to come to a solution that benefits all parties.

Make Sure Roof Equipment Is Functioning

Once you realize your commercial roof needs repair, to assure that the entire roofing system is functioning well, closely examine everything. Check drains, gutters, the attic, and vents to make sure there are no extraneous damages.

Schedule Roof Inspections

At a very minimum, commercial roof inspections should be conducted twice each year to check for any issues that may worsen over time. Following any contracted repairs, your roof should be inspected, as well.

Have a Reputable Commercial Insurance Adjuster Check Your Building’s Roof Damage

Stone Claims will be happy to conduct your property damage insurance appraisal. We operate (and are licensed) in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Oklahoma, North Carolina, New Jersey, Nebraska, Mississippi, Maryland, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, and Colorado.

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