How Your Business Can Survive A Flood

How Your Business Can Survive A Flood

While it may not be possible to prevent floods from occurring, what you can do is prepare your business to survive a flood. Having a contingency plan in place and purchasing a commercial insurance policy are just two ways you can prepare for the eventuality of a flood. In this article, we share with you some more top tips on helping your business survive a flood!

Research the Risks in Your Area

Is your area particularly prone to floods? Or are you thinking of purchasing a commercial building and are wondering what the risk of flooding is? Floodwater can come from rivers, groundwater, surface water as well as coastal sources.

If the area you are in has a particularly high risk from any of these sources, it pays to be extra prepared. It can also be worth considering basing your business on higher ground, although that does not guarantee you will be immune from flood damages.

Create a Contingency Plan

Regardless of whether your commercial building is a warehouse, a multifamily apartment complex, or an office space, having a contingency plan is a must. One essential step to take is to get a layout of the building printed, with fire exits and evacuation routes clearly labeled. Next to this sheet, you will want to pin up a list of important emergency contacts, including that of a designated go-to person, the local utility company, emergency services, and more.

Consider Business Continuity

Now that you have a plan for getting your employees and customers to safety, it’s time to think about how your business will continue operating during the downtime imposed by a flood. Never dismiss this downtime as just a few short days and therefore think that no backup plan is necessary – if your commercial building has suffered damages, repair and restoration can take up to weeks and even months!

Can your employees continue working remotely for the time being? Can your products and/or services be offered online? This will help to reassure investors and customers that your business is able to continue operating in some capacity.

Get Flood Insurance

This should go without saying, but you can never afford to go without commercial property insurance. In a flood-prone area, you should make sure to get a policy that covers natural catastrophes. This will give you peace of mind that in the aftermath of a flood, you can concentrate on rebuilding your business instead of worrying over out-of-pocket repair and restoration costs!

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