Lightning Strikes May Cause Warehouse Fires: Are You Insured?

Warehouses are where you keep your important inventory, raw materials, and goods. You may have the best security and safety systems in place to keep your warehouse safe, but there is one uncontrollable aspect – weather. Lightning strikes, in particular, are beyond your control. It can disrupt operations and even result in warehouse fires, power outages, infrastructure damage, and economic losses. Learn about why it’s critical to protect your business with an insurance policy that covers damage caused by lightning-induced fire and power surges.

Damages Caused by Lighting Strikes

Lightning can hit electric cables or wires and destroy items in your warehouse. These could be equipment, appliances, or computers you use to store data. You could lose important data or software that costs huge amounts of money. There is also a risk of fire when circuitry is destroyed. In the unfortunate event that your warehouse is struck by lightning, insurance can help you bear some of the losses.

Your warehouse could also be destroyed by an indirect lightning strike. For instance, lightning can hit a tree and cause it to land on your warehouse’s windows, walls, or roof, causing structural or electrical damage. Fires could break out and burn your warehouse. That’s why you also need to ensure your insurance covers damages not caused by a direct lightning strike.

Is Your Warehouse at Risk of Lightning Strikes?

Location plays a major role. Warehouses situated in wide-open spaces or areas that often experience extreme weather conditions are more vulnerable than others. The following factors also play a part in determining the risks of lightning strikes:

  • Size: The taller your warehouse, the more likely it’s to suffer from lightning damage. While you may not be able to alter the height of your warehouse, installing lightning protection systems can lower your odds of facing damages induced by lightning.
  • Age: Older warehouses that lack proper protection systems may be more prone to lightning strikes
  • Structure: An older warehouse made of wood has a higher risk of being razed to the ground when lightning strikes and causes a fire. A warehouse built with modern materials, on the other hand, may be able to withstand damage better.

Insurance Claims for Lighting Strikes

If it happens that your warehouse is destroyed by a fire caused by lightning, you’ll need to file a claim. Underpayments are one of the issues that policyholders face, and it could happen to you as well.

Stone Claims Group can assist you if you have completed all of the appropriate requirements to register a commercial insurance claim but are still not being handled fairly by the insurer. As an experienced public adjuster, warehouse building damages is one of our areas of specialization. We will analyze your policy to find hidden coverages and work with experts to conduct a thorough assessment of your warehouse to make sure no damage goes unnoticed. In the digital age where data is key to winning the game, we push the boundaries of claims investigation by making use of the best tools available. We can assist you in negotiating with your insurer and maximize your settlement.


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