Metal Roof Installation: Answering All Your Claims Questions

Metal Roof Installation: Answering All Your Claims Questions
Metal Roof Installation: Answering All Your Claims Questions


Choosing the roofing material for your commercial property should not be taken lightly. Its an essential part of your building that protects your assets and can add curb appeal. Choose the wrong material and the elements could damage your roof. If your roof is covered with the right material, on the other hand, it can last you a lifetime and protect your building through many severe weather events and provide other benefits.

Metal roofing is popular among homeowners and commercial property owners, and for a good reason. Lets explore more about this roofing material and what filing a claim for damage may be like.

Benefits of metal roofing

Metal is widely accepted to be the material of choice for commercial property owners for several reasons; here are some to consider:

Easy installation: One of the first things a property owner usually considers when looking for roof material is installation. Metal roofing is one of the easiest materials to install. The Spruce explained that metal roofing can be placed over an existing asphalt shingle roof without the need for demolition. This saves you time and energy during the roof installation process.

Added-value: Investing in a metal roof is also a good idea because it can add value to your commercial property. Because of the materials other benefits, you can increase your listing price, as buyers are willing to pay more for this feature. For instance, a commercial property owner that replaces their existing roof with a metal one can expect to see a 61.2% ROI, according to the 2020 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling. Its likely a commercial property owner could see a similar recouping of costs.

Durable: Metal is widely accepted to be the most durable roofing material. Compared to asphalt shingles, metal can hold up to strong winds without being ripped off. Snow, rain and hail are also no match for this strong material. Additionally, if your commercial property roof is slanted, metal is ideal for ensuring snow and rain easily slide off rather than build up and potentially cause damage.

Long-lasting: Similarly, metal roofs have some of the most extended lifetimes compared to all other materials. On average, a metal roof can last anywhere from 40-70 years depending on the climate and upkeep. However, its always important to inspect this material for any rust and general wear and tear. This could be a sign that the roof needs to be replaced sooner. Compared to the average lifespan of an asphalt roof (12-20 years), a metal roof is the better investment.

Quality standards: The metal roofing industry is held to a quality standard by the Metal Construction Association (MCA). The program has two levels of certification, Standard and Premium, to classify the grade of the materials being used in production. This can help you ensure you’re investing in a metal roof made of high-quality materials.

Safety: Metal is also considered one of the safest roofing materials, since it is fire resistant (which is a top concern for most commercial property owners). Additionally, this roof type is the most energy-efficient by reflecting sunlight and keeping the building cools in the summer.

Curb appeal: Metal roofing comes in several different materials, thicknesses and finishes that are perfect for a property owner who wants to improve the buildings curb appeal. Aluminum, copper, zinc and tin are all different types of metal roofs, however the most popular and well-known option is corrugated metal, more specifically steel. There are also different gauges (metal thickness) to consider. 22-gauge is the thickest and 29-gauge is the thinnest, but 26-gauge is accepted at the industry standard for commercial roofs. The gauge depends on how often severe weather events occur in your area. For instance, if high winds are common, a thicker and sturdier metal would be best.

A metal roof is relatively easy to install. A metal roof is relatively easy to install.

Costs to consider

A metal roof has many benefits, but it also comes with a larger price tag. On average, it will cost you anywhere from $5 to $10 per square foot to install a metal roof. Of course, this number is also dictated by the type of metal roof you choose and your property’s structure. For instance, corrugated steel panels typically cost $4 to $6 to purchase and install, while stone coated steel shingles run upwards of $9.

Then there is also the type of roof you have and curb appeal you’re looking for. Standing seam metal roofing ensures no fasteners are visible and allows for thermal movement while exposed fastener metal roofing is popular for commercial roofing because it is more cost effective. Similarly, the eave and slope of the roof can increase your price, as it may require additional labor. All of this will affect your final cost, but remember that while the initial expense for a metal roof is high, its a lifetime investment with many other benefits.

A metal roof could lower your insurance rates

Another benefit of this roof type is that its preferred by insurers. Leading insurance provider Progressive explained that metal roofs are actually the most appealing to your insurance company and can lower your insurance costs.

However, its essential to keep in mind that while a metal roof is less likely to be damaged by wind, rain or fire, when it does happen, it can be costly. If a portion of the roof is damaged, it may be challenging to find the right metal roof panels to match your salvaged materials. This could lead to premature failure as the patched metal could expand and contract at a different rate than the existing pieces and lead to leaks and further damage. This is why its more common to replace a metal roof when damaged, which is the more expensive option but better in the long run.

Repair or replace a metal roof? A public adjuster can help

If an insured loss damages your metal roof, a public adjuster is your best asset when it comes to the claims process. They will help you understand your policy, professionally assess the damages and help organize your claim.

They work for you and help you understand whether its best to repair or replace your roof and negotiate with your insurer for a fair settlement. Not only that, but a public adjuster stays with you until the last nail is installed by an expert roofing contractor with general liability insurance. Contact the team at Stone Claims Group today to learn more about how our experienced public adjusters can help your metal roof insurance claim.

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