Reasons Your Property Damage Insurance Claim Is Denied

It can get overwhelming when your property is damaged from a disaster, but it is even worse when your insurance claim has been denied. And yet, property damages can happen for various reasons. Many things, including fire, storms, flooding, and theft, can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more in damages. And the property damage insurance you have can help offset these expensive costs. Hence, it is critical that you understand why your property damage insurance claim is denied. Here are some common reasons why property damage insurance claims are frequently rejected. 

Not Reporting Damages On Time

When your property gets damaged, it is likely for you to feel so stressed and worried about you forget to document your home insurance claims promptly. In fact, this is a common mistake that many property owners make. This means that regardless of how valid your claim is, you will still be denied if you miss the filing window. While every policy differs, the filing window is typically within 180 days to a year. Hence, remember to verify all policy documentation on a regular basis, ensure your payment information is up to date, and start the claims process as soon as possible.

Not Documenting All the Damages

While this may sound obvious now, it is a common mistake that you may unconsciously make. After all, you may not realize what documents you need to document and hence miss out on certain things that you could have claimed for. Instead, you need to carefully document the conditions surrounding your property, and make a routine inventory check of your belongings. Here is a tip. Create an itemized spreadsheet to organize all your items. Remember to add a picture, the price, date of purchase, and the serial number of all your belongings in the spreadsheet. In addition, take a before and after walkthrough video of your property to show insurers the extent of the damage at-a-glance.

Non-disclosure of Facts

If you think you can get away with more profits from lying about the nature and extent of damages, you should think again. This mistake will cost you a denied property damage insurance claim. Why is this so? Your insurance company will send their personnel to your property to check the damage. Hence, they will immediately find out if you submit inaccurate information on your claims form. And this will cause your claim to be rejected.

Failure to Properly Maintain Your Property

While this may sound unfair, your insurer can deny your claim because of your property’s previous damages or wear and tear. Hence, you need to properly care for and maintain the quality of your home. And if there are any damages, immediately report it and make routine repairs as needed.

Not Being Up-to-date with Your Policy

Sometimes you may have fallen behind on policy premiums and have gaps in coverage. Most property owners are frequently caught unaware of such issues, so you must assess all your documents regularly and make sure to keep up your payment


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