Steps To Take For Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Steps To Take For Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can lead to extensive negative impacts on a business from compromised workplace safety to financial consequences. By understanding the ins and outs of commercial water damage restoration, you can act more wisely as a business owner and lead your organization to a better outcome after a water damage emergency.

Determine Building Safety

Safety should be your biggest priority when dealing with water damage problems on your commercial property. Flooded water can imply several safety hazards within the building, especially if the root of the problem is a natural disaster. Water damage can weaken the integrity of structural supports in the building, making it unsafe to enter. Hence, always determine building safety by checking for signs of structural damage such as cracks in the building’s exterior and interior. If the building seems unsafe to enter, remain outside of the building and instead, contact professionals immediately.

Shut Off Power Supply and Water Valve

After noticing signs of flooding, you should shut off the power supply because of the obvious consequences of leaving electricity on in wet environments. Furthermore, if the flooding comes from an internal source such as an appliance in the building, you will need to shut off the water valve to prevent the property from sustaining additional damage.

Determining Water Source

If possible, you should trace the water back to its source, determining how severe the issue is. Water damage can be classified into different categories indicating the amount of danger associated with the water involved. For example, if the water comes from a sanitary source such as rain and sprinklers, the water is unlikely to pose a health hazard. On the other hand, if the source of the water damage comes from sewer backups and wastewater, you should steer clear of the affected areas.

Photograph and Document

When surveying the damages incurred on the property, always remember to keep the impacts of the water damage well-documented before making repairs. The more evidence you can provide, the more successful you will be when submitting a claim to your insurer.

Contact a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company

Even if the water damage seems minimal and negligible, contacting a professional water damage restoration company is crucial to ensure no long-term complications occur. Even water from the safest, most sanitary sources can pose a safety hazard if left unaddressed. Furthermore, even if the water has evaporated, moisture itself can lead to issues such as the growth of bacteria, mold, and other dangerous microorganisms.

Communicate With Your Commercial Insurance Provider

Paying for water damage restoration and restoring your commercial property comes at a heavy cost. Thus, commercial insurance policies are important in such cases. Unfortunately, your insurance company is unlikely to protect your rights as a policyholder over their own interests as a business.

To prevent your claim from being lost or underpaid, you can rely on public adjusting firms such as Stone Claims Group to be your partner every step of the process from documenting the damages to negotiating with your insurance provider. Learn more about how our public adjusters protect your rights as a policyholder during water damage scenarios!


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