Tips For Filing A Property Insurance Claim After A Fire

As fires become a more common concern across the country, insurance firms are finding ways to cut corners on fire insurance claims. Due to the increased risk of fires, it is important to become acquainted with the claims procedure and how to file fire insurance claims. When you lose your property in a fire, an insurance claim, if correctly submitted, permits you to be paid.

Losing your house and personal things in a fire is a traumatic event in and of itself. The last thing you want is for your homeowners’ insurance company to deny your claim. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while dealing with an insurance claim after a fire.

Taking Note of Everything You’ve Lost

You’ll want to prepare a list of everything you lost in the fire, which will need some thought from everyone in your home. You should begin compiling this list as soon as possible so that you remember to include anything that has been lost by the time you file your fire insurance claim.

Make sure you don’t throw anything out. It will be easier to verify that you truly lost the goods on your list if you keep them until the insurance adjuster can inspect the damage. If you discard them, your insurance provider may refuse to pay you.

Secure Your Property to Mitigate Damage

The insurance provider will expect you to maintain your property fairly. As a result, be certain that you protect your stuff from future harm. Of course, if anything is a total loss, this is unneeded. However, if only one area of your home is affected, take proactive steps to prevent future damage. This is referred to as “mitigating damage” by insurance companies, and it simply means lowering the amount of harm.

Don’t be Concerned about Losing Insurance Coverage

Many customers are afraid that if they file fire insurance claims, their homeowners’ insurance provider would raise their premiums or eliminate them outright. This is not true. As long as you submit only genuine claims in the aftermath of true disasters, are not a “habitual claimant,” and there is no proof of fraud on your side, your premium will not rise and you will not lose coverage.

Consider Hiring a Public Adjuster

If you are unable to obtain an acceptable settlement after employing your own independent contractor, consider seeking help from a public adjuster who can help you to negotiate with the insurance company. Some individuals are afraid to do this because of the additional cost—you pay the public adjuster between nine to 15 percent of what the insurance company pays you. This may be worthwhile if the adjuster can obtain you much more money than you would have received otherwise.

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