Twisters Strike: Defending Your Property Damage Entitlements

On December 10, 2021, many homes were struck by ravaging tornadoes in the Midwest and Southern U.S. Meteorologists, weather pundits, and residents were shocked at the level of devastation and ferocity of the storms that appeared much later in the year than they usually do. As many as 90 people have lost their lives in the storms (which is more than the total number of deaths due to tornadoes in 2020), and many more have gone missing. All over Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Illinois, Tennessee, and Missouri, communities were ruined, infrastructure and healthcare have been disrupted, and families are attempting to reunite with loved ones. To deal with this, the states of Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky have declared a state of emergency.

How Common are Tornadoes in the United States?

The United States is no stranger to twisters, after all, we’re home to the most tornado storms on earth. But their unpredictability can oftentimes be difficult to manage. While response teams were quick to mobilize, dispense aid, and survivors, outreach could be better, and many are going without basic necessities. This storm is still being studied by scientists to understand the depth of severity and the conditions that led to its formation so that future teams can better predict future occurrences.

Why do Tornado Damage Claims matter?

For those whose homes have undergone damage, rebuilding can be a laborious affair. With this particular storm, some experts believe that the cost of property damage may be a new record high at US$ 3 billion. Already, claim managers and adjusters are being sent out to assess the costs of damage and provide compensation.

While for many individuals, insurance may provide some relief, at times there may occasionally be disagreement about the true value of the property or assets lost. At times, like these, you may want an expert in your corner with plenty of experience overlooking insurance claims to help you accurately value the damage done to your property and negotiate these costs with your insurance company. At Stone Claims Group, we provide professional advice and assistance in negotiating claims so that the final appraisal is fair and in the best interests of our client.

We do this, by first taking the time to analyze the coverage of your property and understand your entitlements. This is a free part of our appraisal process. Secondly, we send representatives over to physically inspect the damage while making use of top-class technology to make an accurate assessment of tornado damage. We then enter discussions with your insurance company on a fair umpire to manage the case. Because of our credentials and experience, we are able to bring additional experts (such as engineers, meteorologists, and building consultants) to provide supporting documentation to your claims.

Last but not least, we stay with you throughout the process of the hearing so that we convince the umpire to rule in your favor. Throughout this entire process, we make sure to keep you involved in the process, so you understand what’s going on at any point in time.

At Stone Claims Group, we are proud of the fact that we have represented citizens all over the United States. Contact us here or call us at 1-800-892-1116, to request a consultation and find out how we can help to maximize any of your damage claims.


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