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Sinkhole Damage

Sinkholes are depressions within the ground’s surface that result from a sudden geological settlement or land collapse, and are considered normal occurrences in many areas of the country. However, the damage they can cause to property and equipment is significant, which is why they are often included in insurance policies.

Understanding Sinkhole Damage

Sinkholes occur frequently in areas which have under water sources such as aquifers, which can dissolve limestone. Small bits of rock will be washed away as time passes which will enlarge the natural cracks and pores inside the bedrock. Eventually, as more limestone continues to disintegrate, bigger cavities and even caves will form, and the land above will occasionally give way so these voids can be filled, which produces a sinkhole.

As you can imagine, sinkholes are extremely unpredictable and quite dangerous to any people or animals that fall into them. However, the most common damage is that which is sustained to property and equipment. The good news is that the chances of a catastrophic sinkhole appearing is low, but the bad news is that no dependable system has been developed so far which can accurately determine where one will occur.

This means that the only way to avoid them is to watch for warning signs such as miniature holes which appear in the ground suddenly, along with cracks that come out of nowhere. You can also speak with your area’s county appraiser to find out more about sinkhole activity in the region.

How Our Sinkhole Damage Claims Adjusters Can Help

Sinkhole coverage can be challenging, because when homeowner’s insurance is priced, the value of the actual land will be excluded. In other words, the property will be insured for the amount it will cost to reconstruct the building, not including the cost of the underlying land.

As a consequence, the majority of American insurance policies will exclude damage resulting from earth movement, and those that want protection from sinkholes will need to acquire separate insurance.

Sinkholes differ from earthquakes because they are harder to investigate, yet can be just as costly. There are a number of states that actually mandate insurance carriers to provide sinkhole coverage as an option, and depending on state regulations, it can be offered in the form of an endorsement or stand alone.

Why Choose Stone Claims Group, Inc. for Sinkhole Damage Claims?

Your priority as a policyholder is to be adequately compensated for any claims you file, and our job is to ensure this happens. If your property has sustained an abrupt ground cover collapse, a depression is visible within the surface or damage has been sustained to the structure or its foundation, we’ll help you obtain a favorable settlement.

While insurance companies are happy to take your monthly premiums, and make the process a breeze, some are slow to respond to claims and make getting a settlement as difficult as possible. They use clauses and clever legal language to pay the lowest amount they can, but with Stone Claims Group by your side you’ll always get the best deal possible.

To find out more, reach out to one of our professional adjusters by contacting us or calling us at 1-800-892-1116 today.


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