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Tornado Damage

Tornadoes are extremely dangerous, especially to those living in the Central United States, an area which is referred to as Tornado Alley. More tornadoes occur in this region than any other part of the world, making insurance coverage a necessity for residents living there.

Understanding Tornado Damage

Unlike hurricanes, which build gradually and give residents advance warning with sufficient time to evacuate, tornadoes can appear suddenly, making them far more dangerous. Also known as twisters, cyclones or whirlwinds, these storms appear as tall vortex funnels which rotate dust and debris underneath.

While most have wind speeds of fewer than one hundred miles per hour, the strongest F5 tornadoes have gargantuan power, with speeds up to 300 miles per hour and the ability to lift and throw vehicles, humans, equipment and animals into the air while ripping trees from their roots. Unless your property is well constructed, an F5 tornado can completely obliterate it.

The good news is that tornadoes are covered in the majority of insurance policies, and unlike earthquakes or floods they don’t need specialized coverage. The best policies will go beyond just covering the roof and walls and instead will include the entire property and your personal belongings, including those which are stolen as the result of theft or vandalism after the storm passes.

How Our Tornado Damage Claims Adjusters Can Help

The insurance claims process after a tornado occurs can be long and tedious. The insurance company doesn’t want to pay out more than needed, so they will subject you to considerable scrutiny. However, their estimates aren’t always correct, and unscrupulous firms will try to weasel their way out of paying you what is owed.

By working with Stone Claims Group, our team will evaluate your policy and ensure that the estimates you provide are accurate and backed up by evidence.

There are lots of mistakes that property owners commonly make in the aftermath of a disaster. One of the most common is signing over insurance fees to third party contractors, or requesting an advance payment from the insurance carrier so you can begin temporary repairs. Doing any of these things can mess up the claims process and make it more difficult for you to get a favorable settlement.

Why Choose Stone Claims Group, Inc. for Tornado Damage Claims?

We have more than a decade of experience working with insurance claims of all kinds and we collaborate with the country’s best forensic experts. We also act as consultants, advising you of the best courses of action.

An example of this would be advising you to search for the “ten and ten” on the estimates total page. This is a reference to the typical ten percent extra which is used for overhead as well as the ten percent extra that is used for the profit of contractors. Another example would be helping you interpret calculations involving depreciation.

To find out more, reach out to one of our professional adjusters by contacting us or calling us at 1-800-892-1116 today.


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