What Can A Public Adjuster Do For Your Business?

Business insurance claims can be complicated, which is why leaving it to your insurance company’s adjuster could cause you more harm than good. These adjusters offer settlements that benefit the insurance company over you, which could lead to low settlement offers and feelings of confusion and anxiety. When hiring a public adjuster, you do yourself and your business a favor. When you have someone on your side, settling business insurance claims will no longer be a source of stress for you.

Taking Over the Investigation

When working with an insurance company’s adjuster, you may feel pressured to answer questions that seem innocent, yet act as a way to jeopardize your chances at getting a settlement you deserve. A public adjuster would be able to step in and help when answering such questions to ensure that you do not put yourself or your business at risk. Using their expertise and education, a public adjuster will be able to carry out a private investigation of the situation to identify any issues ahead of time. This can prevent you from unknowingly incriminating yourself when you are questioned by the adjuster from your insurance company.

Settling Claims

When submitting a business insurance claim, you may be entitled to extra expenses for temporary repairs or extended income for yourself and your employees. Even though these policies may help keep your business afloat for the time being, settling it in your claim is undeniably a pain. To help you get the maximum amount of help you need, a public adjuster will be able to keep a log of all your expenditures to submit to your insurance company. They will also be able to negotiate with the company on issues that may be written in ‘fine print’, such as what exactly these extra expenses are allowed to cover.

Handling Issues

When working with an experienced adjuster from your insurance company, you may not be told that your policy could have a coverage issue until after your claim gets declined. By working with a public adjuster, you will be able to have someone who knows the inner workings of the insurance company while still maintaining a strong relationship with you as a customer. They will be able to point out any discrepancies that may crop up to help you get the highest possible settlement possible.

Negotiating for Maximum Settlement

Trying to attain a fair settlement that you and your business are deserving of can be a tedious process. When adjusters from your insurance company offer you a low settlement offer, a public adjuster will be able to take the time to negotiate further by addressing hidden issues such as damage to your property caused by smoke or mold. However, you should consider hiring a public adjuster before receiving your first settlement. Hiring a public adjuster during the settlement could just add unwanted time to the process, which could use up a lot of resources. It is definitely a good idea to hire a public adjuster before or right at the beginning of the claim process.


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