What Makes A Quality Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance adjusters, just like lawyers, doctors, and therapists, are ethically duty-bound to their clients. What are the responsibilities of a public adjuster? They work on the exclusive behalf of the policyholder who hires them to assist with the preparation, filing, and adjusting of the claim. Their core function is to inspect the client’s losses, analyze property damage and deduce the proportionate replacement cost that the client deserves. With their expertise in insurance and insider knowledge, you can have confidence that you receive the most optimal, efficiently-settled, and equitable settlement. It will also benefit you to choose a quality public adjuster that specializes in your property loss.

Did you know that using a public adjuster gets you about 747% more for your claim? At Stone Claims Group, we prioritize our client’s self-interest. Beyond that, our public adjusters all follow a strict ethical code that upholds professionalism, integrity, and dedication, among others. Here, we share some common traits that we have observed of a quality insurance adjuster.

Stellar Communicator

One key quality is the ability to communicate fluently and persuasively. A good insurance adjuster needs to have stellar communication skills, especially in the expression of their opinions, articulation of their stance, and liaising amongst multiple different parties who may have vastly different positions. The transference of information to clients should also be timely and prompt. Besides eloquence, great insurance adjusters know how to listen with empathy. Clients want to know that their needs are comprehended and worked on. Ultimately, the insurance adjuster and the client should be on the same page as to how to proceed.

Assertive Negotiator

An adjuster should be confident and determined, but not arrogant and obnoxious. When negotiating your claim, your adjuster should be patient and strategize before striking to obtain the best settlement you deserve. Assertiveness can go a long way to earn the respect of other parties, increasing the likelihood of a better settlement.

Decisive Conductor

Million-dollar decisions must often be made promptly with a small margin for error. In a fast-paced business environment, a great insurance adjuster should value the importance of making timely decisions without wasting time. Even with the inherent uncertainty in every professional decision, your adjuster should stand firm on what their client needs instead of wavering in the face of tempting offers.

Experienced Professional

Damages from hail, wind, hurricanes, tornados, fire, water damage and vandalism are just a few of the most common types of claims that surface. It will benefit you greatly to hire adjusters who have specialized in specific areas of the property that you need help with. At Stone Claims Group, our public adjusters have the depth of experience and the results to prove it. Each adjuster has a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry, and works with an entire team of dedicated professionals ready to work on your claim with combined talents. You will have multiple perspectives and various specializations formulating the most optimal strategy for you.

Stone Claims Group has retrieved over $500 million in claims in over 18 states and for over 20 years. Why do you want to do it by yourself and suffer the emotional and time-consuming ordeal? Let a professional handle it for you.


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