Why Public Adjusters Can Find Hidden Damage Better Than You

Why Public Adjusters Can Find Hidden Damage Better Than You

As a property owner, you may think that you have a keen eye for identifying damage to your property after an event such as a storm, fire, or water damage. However, when it comes to insurance claims, finding hidden damage can be challenging, and that’s where a public adjuster can come in handy. Public adjusters are licensed professionals who work on behalf of policyholders to help them navigate the complex world of insurance claims. One of their essential skills is the ability to identify hidden damage that may not be immediately apparent to untrained eyes.

Expertise and Experience

Public adjusters are professionals with years of experience and expertise in assessing property damage. They are well-versed in insurance policies, claim procedures, and the intricacies of property damage assessment. They have a thorough understanding of construction techniques, materials, and building codes, which allows them to identify hidden damage that may not be easily visible to untrained people.

In addition to that, public adjusters undergo extensive training and are required to pass licensing exams to obtain their credentials. They continuously update their knowledge and skills through ongoing education and industry certifications. This expertise and experience give public adjusters an edge in identifying hidden damage accurately.

Thorough and Detailed Inspections

Public adjusters do not rely solely on what is visible on the surface. They use specialized tools and techniques to identify hidden damage that may not be apparent. For example, they may use moisture meters to detect water damage behind walls, thermal imaging cameras to identify areas of heat loss, or other advanced techniques to detect structural damage or hidden mold growth.

Public adjusters also take the time to document the damage thoroughly. They create detailed reports, photographs, and other evidence to support their findings. This comprehensive documentation is crucial in presenting a strong claim to the insurance company and maximizing the settlement amount.

Advocacy for Policyholders

Public adjusters work exclusively on behalf of policyholders, not insurance companies. Their primary responsibility is to protect the interests of the policyholder and ensure they receive a fair and equitable settlement from the insurance company. Public adjusters are skilled negotiators who can effectively advocate for their clients during the claim process.

When it comes to hidden damage, insurance companies may try to minimize the scope of the damage or deny coverage for it. They may argue that the damage was pre-existing or not covered under the policy. Public adjusters, with their expertise and experience, can effectively challenge such denials and negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that hidden damage is properly identified and included in the claim.

Knowledge of Insurance Policies and Regulations

Insurance policies can be complex and filled with jargon that can be difficult for a policyholder to understand fully. Public adjusters have in-depth knowledge of insurance policies, regulations, and industry standards. They know what to look for in the policy language and how to interpret it accurately. They can identify coverage limitations, exclusions, and endorsements that may impact the claim for hidden damage. They understand the legal and regulatory requirements for filing a claim and ensure that the claim complies with them. This knowledge and understanding of insurance policies and regulations allow public adjusters to effectively navigate the claim process and ensure that hidden damage is properly identified and included in the claim.


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