Why Working With Public Adjusters Is Important For Property Managers

Property managers typically work long hours and juggle multiple projects at once. They are either portfolio managers who manage six to seven buildings or an on-site general manager for one specific, large building. While these day-to-day operations are being completed, property managers know that emergencies or disasters can happen at any time. Here’s why working with public adjusters can save them hours of stress.

What’s the Biggest Cause of Property Damage?

Water damage is the most common issue that property managers and unit owners face. Toilet or bidet supply line hose or valve bursts, AC unit leaks, toilet overflow, leaky roofs, domestic water lines and systems, sprinkler piping, drains and drain lines, cooling and heating piping, and sewage systems are just some of the possible sources of water damage in an affected property claim. At Stone Claims Group, we have handled any home liquid spill-related claims you can think of!

It’s now time to deal with the water cleaning or remediation, even if the cause of the leak has been found. A list of immediate activities that building maintenance employees perform after discovering a water leak, called a water damage prevention plan, is in place in some buildings.

What Makes Water Damage a Collateral Problem in Commercial Buildings?

When residential damage occurs in a high-rise co-op or condo building with a concierge entry, the front desk personnel in the lobby normally receive the initial word of what has happened. An off-site property manager is likely to receive the call in smaller buildings. When the front desk receives word of the spillage, team members promptly dispatch their maintenance crew to find the leak’s source.

Unfortunately, when a leak occurs in structures as large as condominiums, the water damage can begin on the 40th level and spread to the lobby. As such, residents on multiple levels are prone to continue calling the concierge while crewmates attempt to find the leak within one unit. This can create a certain level of chaos and lead to miscommunication. Getting access to each potentially damaged apartment, especially when homeowners aren’t home, is the most difficult component of discovering the leak. Because many Floridians travel or own second homes, it’s difficult to pinpoint the source of a water leak immediately.

Involving Multiple Insurance Companies Creates Conflict

When insurance firms misread insurance benefits granted in various plans, or when claim payments promised to policyholders get delayed by insurance company adjusters, it’s a lose-lose scenario. We’ve seen both the master policy and unit owner’s insurance carriers point fingers at each other, making it even more difficult for property managers to guarantee that a property and its occupants are on the road to normalcy.

Stone Claims Group is a Trusted Public Adjuster

Stress is natural when there are too many persons engaged in your project or when an insurance carrier adjuster is not making your claim a priority. A competent public adjusting agency can decrease stress, save money, and speed up the recovery process for all parties involved.

Here at Stone Claims Group, we are delighted to help you maximize the value of your insurance policy. We have nationwide success stories and look at things from your point of view to ensure maximum recovery. Call us at 1-800-892-1116 today for a free consult on your property’s valuation!


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