Construction Issues: How To Avoid Them

Construction Issues: How To Avoid Them

What strikes fear into the hearts of contractors, engineers, and architects? Answer: Construction issues. More specifically, construction defects. In order to correct and defend construction defect claims, astronomical amounts of money can be spent. What’s more, opportunities for future work could be impacted negatively, as well as your reputation damaged. It can, in fact, take a business known.

The risks of construction defects are more significant than ever before. New applications, materials, and technology have changed the way condominiums, homes, and commercial buildings are built. Without serious investigation, it’s hard to know the cause of a problem when it occurs. The involvement of everyone on the project is, unfortunately, usually unavoidable.

You may even be held responsible for the mistakes of others.

Construction Defects – Different Types

The following are various kinds of construction issues or defects:

  • Subsurface deficiencies
  • Construction deficiencies
  • Material deficiencies
  • Design deficiencies

Though you will see some tips as to how to avoid construction issues below, be sure you have a CGL policy (commercial general liability insurance policy) in place.

Avoiding Construction Issues – Tips of the Trade

The following are tips from members of the construction industry to help you work toward the avoidance of construction defects/issues:

  • Implement a quality control/quality assurance program. This helps to provide a set of standards that better guarantee a project being correctly built or performing as designed.
  • The construction process should be documented. This will ensure that, during the project, you’ll have a solid record of practices and materials used. In the event of an insurance claim, this will come in handy.
  • To protect yourself against outside party errors and make sure all your contracts are airtight, seek legal counsel.
  • When hiring subcontractors, prequalify them. Make sure they have the skills, experience, and proper credentials to deliver a finished product of high quality.
  • For every single product you use, make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s guidelines. For all of your construction projects, be sure you understand building material limitations, examine any and all warranties, etc.
  • Be sure you’re up to date with current building standards and building codes.

Quality construction is the best way to avoid a construction issue claim. Make sure you’re only working with contractors, engineers, and architects who have good track records and stellar reputations. Always perform and plan work with proper supervision and in the correct sequence.

Contact Stone Claims Group When Disaster Strikes Your Business Construction Project

If your commercial construction project has been adversely affected by an insurable disaster, there’s no time like the present to start an insurance claim. Rather than relying on the insurance company adjusters, however, do yourself and your business a favor by contacting Stone Claims Group. The reason for this is expressly stated in our motto: Insurance adjusters work for insurance companies. We work for you. We fight for fairness.

We stand ready, 24/7, to be of assistance with your commercial insurance claim adjustment. Stone Claims is licensed and operates in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, Georgia, Delaware, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Colorado, New Jersey, Nebraska, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.


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