A Tornado Preparedness Guide

A Tornado Preparedness Guide

Isn’t it true that the majority of thunderstorms aren’t so bad? Wrong. Every thunderstorm, big or small, bears some risk. Thunderstorms wreak property damage, cost Americans billions of dollars each year, and even claim lives throughout the country, from lightning strikes to severe winds and tornadoes.

Every year, over 16 million thunderstorms occur, with roughly 1,800 occurring at any given moment. That is why being prepared is essential, and our tornado preparedness guide will assist you in doing so.

Tornado Emergency Kit

The first step in being prepared is to have an emergency preparation kit. This kit includes everything you and your family will need in the event of an emergency, as well as enough supplies to last three to five days.

This is a list of items that should be included in every emergency preparation pack. Include products that will fulfill the special requirements of the elderly or anyone with a handicap.

Protect Pets and Livestock

Though pets and livestock appear to be able to weather a thunderstorm, animals should be kept indoors and out of harm’s way. They are particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes if they live in open areas. Without shelter, the storm may be deadly to animals, causing injuries or even death.
Secure your livestock in a strong structure with enough food and water to keep them safe.


Maintaining a tidy yard free of dead trees and rotting branches protects both you and your home. It decreases the possibility of branches falling on someone, a car, or even your home. If a tree is dying, removing it from the property ensures that it will not uproot or break and fall during heavy winds.

If in the Open

Get as low as you can in a ravine or valley if you’re out in the open with no shelters or cars nearby. Crouch down and hide your head to make yourself as tiny a target as possible. While this shields you from lightning and high winds, be wary of flash floods, which are responsible for the majority of storm-related deaths in the United States.

If in a Vehicle

If you’re in a car and a storm approaches, switch on your flashers and pull over until you can see clearly enough to drive. While the car’s rubber tires do not shield you from lightning, the hard metal top does, making your vehicle the second safest location to be during a thunderstorm. Just be careful not to touch any metal in the vehicle, and if you’re in a soft-top vehicle, take cover as quickly as possible.

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