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Pre-Loss Property Inspection

Document the condition of your building before a catastrophe

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Why Conduct a Pre-Loss Inspection?

In the event of an insurance property loss, the biggest challenge is to prove that the building material was damaged by the storm or event. Pre-loss inspection documentation allows undeniable evidence as to the condition of the property before a claim.

Services Offered



Stone Claims Group provides a complete 3D-schematic floor plan using Matterport technology.

This can be used to:

  • Create a visual record of the condition of your building materials.
  • Label equipment with digital tags creating an inventory of business property including serial numbers.
  • Capture dimensional data to document the structure sizes, above ground utilities, and equipment.
  • Improve collaboration between distant teams, accessible from anywhere in the world after a catastrophic event.
  • Plan emergency routes and response strategies.


Stone Claims Group offers roof droning to get detailed photography not available through satellite imagery.
We also offer infrared droning. This indemnifies any water in the exterior building envelope, or lack thereof.

The drone footage:

  • Documents the roof’s condition before an insurance claim is filed.
  • Allows building owners to identify any roofing issues and make necessary repairs before a storm.
  • Provides pre-loss photos and videos of the exterior envelope, ie. paint, stucco, windows, EFIS, Doors, etc
Door and Window Inspection

Door and Window Inspection

Door and window openings in the building envelope are often damaged during hurricanes and tornadoes. Window damages are often denied by insurance companies because they claim the damages are pre-existing and normal deterioration.

Stone Claims Group will complete a detailed window, sliding door and exterior door report so if a loss were to occur, you can prove the damages were not pre-existing.

Theoretical situation policy review

Theoretical situation policy review

Insurance policies are complex and commercial policies are mostly manuscript, meaning each one is crafted differently for the individual customer. Stone Claims Group reads your policy and gives situational examples of how your particular coverage would come into play during a major and minor property claim.

This knowledge can be used to increase coverage if there are gaps, strategize how to eliminate risk or budget for unforeseen costs.

Emergency Plan

Emergency Plan

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – Ben Franklin

Stone Claims Group will provide you with a step-by-step action plan for storing critical data after a large event. Right after a loss, things are happening quickly. We find this time to be the most crucial information to proving your insurance claim is lost. We provide a plan to prevent that from happening.

Stone Claims Group will arrange free meetings with local top professionals for water extraction, roof tarping, tree removal, data restoration specialists, board-up and emergency electricians so you have a pre-storm agreements with vendors in the event of a loss.

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The dedicated experts at Stone Claims Group are ready to work on your claim from the moment damage occurs.

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