Avoid These Commercial Storm Damage Repairs Mistakes

Natural perils, like storms, are one of life’s events that can cause bad damage. Although we can’t change it, we can most definitely make the best of it. Besides ensuring our assets are well-insured, maximizing our claims and storm damage repairs makes good sense. To do so, avoid these four common mistakes when it comes to commercial storm repairs.

Hiring the First Contractor You Meet

Disasters throw people into a frenzy whenever it happens. We feel an urge to fix the problem as fast as possible, so we go with whoever can accept our job. Don’t hire the first contractor you meet because they are readily available. Choose to work with licensed contractors who can produce quality work. Although they may be fully engaged during such periods, it is better to wait than to rush into hiring a less-than-ideal contractor. If you don’t have one currently on record, ask for referrals. Word of mouth is still a reliable source.

Accepting the Initial Claim

When the insurance company comes back with compensation, never accept the initial claim!

Take your time to fight for payments. Employees of insurance companies naturally would choose to save money for their companies. So, insist on a walkabout with the adjuster on the disaster site to make a detailed observation of damages. But you do have to know all your properties well to point out the overlooked damages. A pre-loss inspection would have verifiable and visual data documented before the storm. Drawing on the data to compare the site before and after the storm will prevent insurers from exempting claims. A thorough pre-loss inspection that digitally tags your assets captures dimensional data, and thermal imaging can even highlight damages that are not even noticeable.

Choosing the Cheapest Repair Work

Trying to save some pennies by going with the cheapest options may cost you even more in the long run. Poorly planned repairs using subpar materials will cost you more in maintenance. Not to mention the downtime costs while repairing them again. Measure your budgets, time, cost of care, and building materials; the fastest or cheapest may not be the best. Make sure you fully understand what you are paying for to make informed decisions. Most importantly, take a holistic and comprehensive view rather than opt for a short-term quick fix.

Having Unrealistic Timelines

One of the biggest mistakes building owners makes is to rush the process. Granted that you need to repair the damages quickly to minimize downtime, having unrealistic timelines would only add to everyone’s stress, including your own. Rushing the contractors may lead to slipshod work or unsafe practices; rushing your employees may affect their morale. Realistic schedules for storm damage repairs typically last as long as six months, depending on the extent of damages. It is necessary to fix the damages as soon as possible but only after considering all the other factors.

Stone Claims Group makes commercial claims for storm damage easy. We identify seen and unseen damages in pre-loss inspections and fight for maximum compensation for your damages. Contact us today to learn how we can help.


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