Commercial Water Damage: Causes & How To Handle It

Commercial Water Damage: Causes & How To Handle It

Regardless of whether your organization is a growing start-up or an industry leader, water damage in the workplace can be a devastating blow to your business in various aspects. Hence, once you detect any warning signs of potential commercial water damage, it is your responsibility to take the initiative to respond quickly to it. Not only does it physically affect the workplace environment, but it also slows down your business and puts your employees’ health and safety at risk. Such factors all lead to great financial losses for your organization, which is why understanding the causes of commercial water damage and how to handle such cases is imperative.

Causes of Commercial Water Damage

The common causes of commercial water damage are based on structural issues with the building itself, including:

  • Damaged windows: Windows that have taken damage or have not been sealed properly often cause water damage, because they allow moisture to seep in. This leads to issues such as the buildup of mold and the warping of wood and drywall surfaces in the room.
  • Damaged pipes: Pipes in the workplace can be broken in various ways. Whether the fault lies in corroding water supply lines, changes in pressure, or simply cold weather, they can lead to troublesome issues.
  • Roof leaks: Leaky roofs can cause a building to become more vulnerable to ceiling damage as well as mold or mildew problems.
  • HVAC issues: As HVAC systems deteriorate over time, they can experience leaks that can cause water damage in the workplace, especially when left neglected.
  • Clogged sewers: Sewer clogs are one of the more dangerous causes of water damage, due to the sanitary concerns that they result in. Sewer water is composed of bacteria and other pathogens resulting in infections and illnesses, leading to a company-wide epidemic.

Preventing Commercial Water Damage

Rather than coping with the impacts of water damage on your organization later, it is always more effective to take the necessary measures to completely prevent such cases from occurring. Business owners should not skip regular building inspections specifically due to how numerous the potential causes for water damage are. Water damage inspection is much more affordable compared to water damage restoration, which is why such services are well worth the cost.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

In the case of water damage affecting your workplace, you will need to seek professional commercial water damage restoration services to recover from it. However, water damage specialists are expensive to seek out and receive assistance from. Hence, you should not hesitate to approach them for assistance early before the expenses start to rack up further.

Making a Water Damage Claim

Water damage is an intrinsic risk of being a commercial property owner, which is why it is your responsibility to respond to it appropriately and effectively. Hiring a public adjuster is an excellent way to maximize a water damage claim in the case of your company being struck by water damage problems. Learn how our public adjusters at Stone Claims Group can assist you in navigating through the claim and negotiating with your organization’s insurance company today.


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