Equipment Breakdown Insurance Is Essential To Your Business

From HVAC systems to stoves, and from cranes to computers, to run smoothly, businesses constantly rely on equipment. The computer, electrical, and mechanical equipment used by your company are not invincible, however. It can be damaged, malfunction, and break down, causing untold disruption.

Here, we’re going to take a look at equipment breakdown insurance with which to protect your business from such disruptions and breakdowns. Will breakdowns still occur? Of course, they will. But with the right kind of insurance, you’ll be able to bounce back, rather than watching everything you’ve worked for be devastated in a heartbeat.

Coverage Offered by Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Just when you need it, there’s every chance your equipment and machinery simply won’t work for you. What can be there for you, however, at all times, is your equipment breakdown coverage. From this policy, your business can benefit in several ways. Read on to see what kind of coverage you can receive from equipment breakdown insurance.

Gap Coverage

The gaps referred to here are gaps in other types of coverage you may already have. In commercial property insurance policies, certain equipment damage is not included. Sure, your equipment may be protected against damage resulting from a storm or a fire, but against equipment failure, accidental damage, and/or break down, not so much. Gaps in other policies can be nicely covered by equipment breakdown insurance.

Peace of Mind

When you own/run your own business, peace of mind is something you don’t get very often. For most businesses today, the most valuable items used include anything having to do with technology. It’s a blessing and a curse! Why a curse? New risks are posed by technology that businesses never had to deal with before. Electrical shorts, power surges, etc., can disturb sensitive electronic equipment. Thanks to the interconnection of systems today, a chain reaction of issues can be caused by a small glitch. An equipment breakdown insurance policy can cover costs for equipment replacement and repair, as well as the time and labor needed to do so.

Lost Income Coverage

Let’s say your coolers break down and your restaurant business grinds to a complete halt. Or your press stops working so your entire factory operation has to hit the pause button. Until business as usual can be returned to, to cover your income losses, you’ll need equipment breakdown coverage.

By the way, when it comes to that restaurant, even spoiled menu items replacement costs will be covered by your equipment breakdown insurance! If you run a restaurant, you know how fantastic that little piece of information is.

Payment for Equipment Replacement/Repair

At any point in time, probably when you need your equipment the most, breakdowns can occur. Let’s face it, particularly when it’s expensive, there’s just no good time to replace or repair damaged items. Equipment that can be protected with the right policy includes the following:

  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Cooling and heating systems
  • Telephone systems
  • Electronic equipment
  • Electrical distribution systems, and more

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