How Does Lightning Damage Properties?

With hurricane season on the horizon, the likelihood of power outages is high. Most commercial property insurers cover damages such as power surges and fire triggered by a direct lightning strike. However, many do not cover damages caused by a nearby lightning strike or non-lightning strike-related incidents which led to the power surge. Discover how businesses can prevent incurring costly lightning damage.

Risks Associated with Lightning Damage

A power outage is the most serious hazard to enterprises. A lightning bolt can strike the earth, travel 3 miles to a conductor, and transmit through commercial cables or wires. When lightning strikes a building, the subsequent electrical surge can cause several problems. Software malfunction, data loss, and electrical fires are a few of the concerns that power surges create.

Protecting Your Business from Power Surges

Here are three ways to keep your businesses safe from unexpected power trips:

  • Use a suppressor for the primary service panel. Surge suppressors are designed to absorb surges as they enter your facility, reducing the impact on your equipment and surge protectors.
  • Invest in supplemental property insurance that will cover equipment breakdown and can repair any damaged equipment.
  • Protect company equipment, such as appliances, printers, and computers with surge protectors, which should be replaced regularly.

What if Lightning Strikes and I’m Indoors?

Being struck by lightning while indoors is both a real and scary situation. So, what can you do to keep safe from lightning? During a storm, the best thing to do is to stay as far away from those paths as possible. It is best to avoid touching them directly. Showering or bathing, doing dishes, washing hands, playing video games, using a wired phone, tool, or appliance and typing on a computer are all examples of this. Metal-framed windows should be avoided if at all possible. However, cordless phones, remote controls, and cellphones are all safe to use.

Lightning current can flow through the soil and across wet or moist concrete. Therefore direct skin contact with the earth should be avoided. If you’re going for a walk, put on some shoes.

Do I Need to be Insured from Lightning Damage?

It is not essential to purchase additional coverage because most companies insure you from damage caused by direct lightning strikes. However, we recommend that you examine the consequences of a power spike that isn’t triggered by lightning. Lightning near your business, utility maintenance, and turning on a major piece of apparatus or operating machinery during busy periods like the holiday summer season can all produce power surges. These types of occurrences are not covered by ordinary insurance policies.

Work with Stone Claims Group for Lightning Damages Protection

You have little control over when calamity comes as a business owner. You can, however, take precautions to prepare for the worst-case scenario. As such, we recommend having your insurance coverage checked regularly.

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